About Us

Exclusive contract business, with italian flair

Uno Contract. Since 1985.

Over 35 years of constant growth we have furnished the interiors of hundreds of luxury hotels, residences and prestigious cruise ships. The firm is now run by the second generation of entrepreneurs
of the founding family, supported by highly competent management.

Uno Contract

3 production sites
110 employees
60.000 square meters occupied

Every day

1.000 pieces of assembled furniture
2.000 square meters of lacquered panels

Last 3 years

2.940 hotel rooms
2.150 furnished apartments
4.980 cruise ship cabins

Our interlocutors

We have always been used to listening, talking to and working together with all the people involved
in the contract business at different levels and with different roles:

  • owners
  • developers
  • operators
  • general contractor
  • interior contractor
  • procurement office
  • international architects’ and interior design studios

We operate on different markets throughout the world. From the most developed areas in Europe
and the West, USA, Canada and North Africa, to the Middle East, Russia, India, China and the Far East.

Direct relationship

The advantage of a direct daily relationship with producers: we at Uno Contract provide

  • Well-organised, controlled order management
  • Management of changes and last minute contingencies
  • Completion of orders to schedule

Direct relationships with producers guarantee achievement of objectives and planning,
particularly when producers are reliable, punctual, competent and organized.

Production evolution

Excellence is in the factory

The more articulate the project is, the more important and complex production is. Uno Contract has an excellent in-house manufacturing structure, with state-of-the art equipment and highly qualified technicians, guaranteeing high standard customized results at appropriate costs.

For many years Uno Contract has had a consolidated network of production
partners, based on shared values and LEAN production processes.

How we work

The advantage of our way of working on each project and the production process.

Project leader

A project leader is a contact person to whom the client can refer at any time in the process.
He or she applies experience, ability and authority to planning integrations, analyses, updates and advice.

In-house Technical Team

The Project Leader also works with a team of technicians who are specially dedicated to a client’s order.
The team has all the different skills necessary to solve any issue during the production process.

Transparent Communication

Transparency is needed for the job to go ahead successfully, and for this reason clients are updated in real time about the progress of their orders.

Certification and sustainability

The company has a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified management system and it can provide FSC certified products made of controlled materials.

The quality policy is available on request for the interested parties.

Italian styling

Italian styling, the Made in Italy label and the search for beauty

Italian styling is important for luxury furniture worldwide. Italy has always been known for its
great masters in the art of the beautiful, not only as talented artists, but also as skilled artisans.
From times gone by to nowadays, their ability to craft marble, wood and glass has led them to create architecture, furniture and accessories that the whole world envies us.

Venice… and our Territory

All our products are made in Italy, precisely in the North East, a few kilometres from Venice, a
unique city that has always been our main source of inspiration. Here, our workforce, craftsmanship
and design reach the highest levels of excellence. Uno merges tradition with innovation to meet
clients’ needs and provide unique, refined products.

What we do


FF&E for luxury hotels


FF&E for residential complexes

Cruise ships

Direct supplies, joinery and FF&E for cruise ship cabins