Ernst Knam and luoghiCOMUNI triumph at the Foodies’ Challenge All Star

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The Foodies’ Challenge All Star selected design week to showcase 64 videos dedicated to food projects from Expo to the present, created by prominent figures in high-end cuisine, design, and architecture. The contest features four biennial editions about the design of the ephemeral, portrayed through engaging short films. The prestigious jury awarded prizes for the best video, subject, and male lead to the team consisting of pastry chef Ernst Knam, the architectural firm luoghiCOMUNI, and director Carlo Roberti from Strutturafilms.

Pastry chef Giovanna Musumeci and artist Martina Salmeri received the award for best female lead. The award for best set design went to Chef Filippo La Mantia, again in collaboration with the studio luoghiCOMUNI, for the 2017 video directed by Carlo Roberti, which featured a sculptural dish dedicated to couscous.

The standout with three awards was “Zeitnot”, a video from the 2022 edition of the Foodies’ Challenge, themed around Dante’s Convivio, chosen by organizer Nicola Sardano.

An intense short film, it sounds the alarm on global warming through the chocolate creations of master Knam. The chessboard represents the battlefield of our actions that have led us to this point and our responsibility to remedy it without further delay. Chocolate was chosen to symbolize the beloved and vulnerable things we are not protecting from global warming.

The Foodies’ Challenge will call on Italian and European institutions to promote the video as a testament to the urgent need for joint action to protect the planet. “Zeitnot,” meaning lack of time, mandates our shared action.

The jury consists of:

  • Linda Giammarese, an American costume designer and 2021 Emmy winner
  • Actress Cristina Donadio
  • Gianni Maimeri, President of the Maimeri Foundation
  • Chef Matia Barciulli, creator of the “Il magnifico” award dedicated to top-quality olive oil
  • Antonio Iommelli, director of the Palazzo Farnese Museum in Piacenza

The Park Hyatt provided the perfect setting for the evening.

The following were invited to present the awards:

  • Nicola Ultimo, responsible for catering services at Park Hyatt, with Guido Paternollo, Executive Chef at Pellico 3
  • Journalist Bruno Carenini
  • Mauro Tabaro, CEO of Uno Contract, the main partner of the All Star edition
  • The Mayor of Salsomaggiore, Musile Tanzi
  • Valentina Verrocchi from Jacuzzi

The winners received the artwork “Castelli in aria” by master Corrado Bonomi.

The Foodies’ Challenge organization announced the theme for 2025, which will be the inspiration of Myth. Mythology will become the reservoir to explore references for the new challengers, Chefs and Architects, who are already being selected. The next appointment is set for next year, marking the contest’s 10th anniversary in the search for food projects.