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The exclusive Uno Contract’s event at Park Hyatt Milano on the occasion of Milan Design Week – Fuorisalone 2023: a debate to talk about sustainability challenges, solutions and opportunities for the contract trade in a case study of this five-star luxury hotel, which is an emblem of the city, a stone’s throw from Milan’s Piazza del Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

The project was implemented paying special attention to environmental issues, for which it achieved the first FSC® project certification in Italy for a hotel.  The result is a place where comfort, poetry and design merge to provide a new concept of sustainable luxury accommodation.


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See the sustainability challenges, opportunities and green solutions for the contract trade. We shared ideas, thoughts and projects, convinced that one step at a time, project after project, the contract trade really can achieve five-star sustainability.



The future contract trade is sustainable: the speakers’ ideas and thoughts

“Nowadays the contract trade can and must work in a sustainable way.  As interior contractors, what we can do is guide our clients in defining their projects and choosing sustainable materials that in any case comply with the contract specifications.  For example, we can propose FSC certified timber and 100% recyclable packing, and a selection of sustainable fabrics that incorporate the fire resistance rating required as a must in contract projects.”

Mauro Tabaro, Uno Contract CEO


“Sustainable design covers many aspects: low-emission materials, water efficiency, local ethical products, internal lighting, surface reflections and acoustics.  The choice of natural materials whose impact will not harm the environment; using local supplies as much as possible to reduce the impact of transport and support the local community and economy; being aware of our surroundings are all fundamental in creating environments that improve wellbeing.”

Sejal Patel, Design Principal at Kristina Zanic Consultants


“Reducing environmental impact and consumption is not the only aspect of being sustainable, we must also be aware of our surroundings and think of future generations.  I am convinced that our guests will definitely appreciate this type of thinking, particularly in the world of luxury, where appearance matters, but the substance and ideas on which a project is based are an important value and contribute to constructing a truly unique and unforgettable experience.”

Simone Giorgi, Park Hyatt Milano General Manager


“We live in an age of great attention to sustainable construction and green building, within the objectives set by national and international policies for sustainability and decarbonization. If using a renewable material such as wood is a wise choice for efficiency, making sure the timber comes from a responsibly managed forest is a strong sign of social and environmental responsibility.”

Mauro Masiero, FSC Italia President


“Materials have always been at the base of good architecture, mirroring a precise period.  The period we are now living in must inevitably come to terms with sustainability… the future is already with us, we must convince enlightened designers and clients that they really can make a difference because nowadays technologies and materials are ready to come onto the market.”

Tiziana Monterisi, Ricehouse Co-founder and CEO


A special thank you to journalist Antonella Galli for conducting the debate.


The sustainable restyling of Park Hyatt Milan from guestrooms to Pellico3 restaurant