Palazzo dei Fiori in Venice: a new concept in hospitality

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UNO Contract is delighted to announce its collaboration with Room Mate Hotels, an international chain of boutique hotels, for furnishing the apartments of Palazzo dei Fiori in Venice, designed by Teresa Sapey + Partners studio. UNO Contract has meticulously crafted and realized the interior furnishings, from the lobby to the rooms, including carpets, lighting, curtains, armchairs, and beds.

Located between Piazza San Marco and the Ponte dell’Accademia, Palazzo dei Fiori stretches across four floors, offering 16 apartments ranging from 65 to 328 sqm (33 bedrooms), with 3 mezzanine floors and 2 elevators. Accessible both from the Calle and by sea, the structure introduces a revolutionary hospitality concept that reimagines the start of a journey. Venice, with its unique charm, serves as the perfect setting for this innovative approach.

This new concept and vision, envisioned by Kike Sarasola, founder and President of Room Mate Hotels, and brought to life by architect Teresa Sapey, recently ranked among the top 100 studios by AD Spain, blends modern comfort with classic Venetian charm. Inspired by the rich history and the romantic “Secret Gardens” of Venice, UNO Contract has redefined the spatiality and furnishing of this historic 16th-century building with a contemporary perspective.

Guests staying at Palazzo dei Fiori by Room Mate will be enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance, luxury, and immersive design. The breathtaking views from the apartments allow guests to fully immerse in the enchantment of Venice. The interior design, with bespoke furniture and color touches, pays homage to the city’s artistic heritage, evoking a sense of timeless luxury.

Mauro Tabaro, CEO of UNO Contract, states “It’s a great honor to be the preferred partner of Room Mate Hotels for this prestigious and unique project in the luxury hospitality landscape. The supply required total commitment in coordinating all parties involved. With Venice being our home ground, managing this project in such a magnificent city was particularly special for us. We worked closely with our local partners, merging craftsmanship with industrial excellence in furnishing. This synergy has created a unique blend of tradition and innovation, adhering to rigorous quality standards and exclusively using FSC-certified materials for a sustainable footprint.”

He concludes “Our main mission was to interpret and realize the concept envisioned by Teresa Sapey + Partners studio. We dedicated our expertise to serve the artistic vision, turning the concept into reality with furnishings that evoke the essence and allure of Venice.”