UNO Contract partner for the Venice Pavilion at the 2021 International Architecture Exhibition

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UNO Contract partner for the Venice Pavilion at the 2021 International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale Di Venezia

UNO Contract continues to support its native city, Venice, and local international activities and events.

The company is proud to have been chosen for a new project called “To Know how to use what we know” hosted in the Venice Pavilion for the 2021 International Architecture Exhibition called “How will we live together”.

Our cooperation with the Venice Biennale began with the initiative “Aperture straordinarie”, housed in the Venice Pavilion in the Giardini della Biennale, both as a partner and as an active contributor to the creation of the elegant Venetian sitting room where the autumn 2020 meetings took place.

The Venetian Lounge set up by UNO Contract with the Virna Armchairs and Ciro Poufs of UNO Essential Collection, inside the Venice Pavilion –  “Aperture Straordinarie” 2020 Ph. Matteo Lavazza Seranto


The Venice Pavilion this year is divided into three different areas and hosts “the mirror of the future”, a project by UNO Contract, a business particularly interested in knowledge, beauty and craftsmanship, the themes of the 2021 International Architecture Exhibition.

The central area of the itinerary is dedicated to “Education Stations” intended as areas in which the qualities of architecture can be used as an educational tool, an idea by internationally renowned architect Michele de Lucchi and his AMDL Circle.

The “Economics of Beauty”, by journalist Emilio Casalini occupies one of the side rooms in the Venice Pavilion. “Beauty becomes a tool and a means for enhancing the infinite nuances of our identity. It is akin to social architecture in that it aids the organisation of everything and the management of complexity through harmony”, explains Casalini.

The third room in the Venice Pavilion will be dedicated to the young artists who have won the second edition of the Venice Municipality’s competition “Artefici del nostro tempo”.  There will be an exhibition of the winning art works in the eight sections involved: glass design, work in glass, photography, comic strips, paintings, visual poetry, musical video clips and street art.

The past two years have been important for UNO Contract, because the company has not only sponsored projects, but also taken a leading role in innovative ones, such as its collection of structures designed to provide the necessary protection for meeting outdoors, or the first online shop for contract décor.

UNO Contract’s cooperation with the 2021 International Architecture Exhibition is an example of how enterprise and beauty, business and creativity, can meet each other and exchange ideas in their common search for informed growth.


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