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Uno contract at Venice Innovation Design 2022 – VID 

Uno Contract took part in the third edition of Venice Innovation Design (VID), as a technical sponsor. The event took place on 16 and 17 July on the Island of San Servolo, Venice, and was based on the theme of sustainability and the urban regeneration process now taking place on this Lagoon island. Owned by the Metropolitan City of Venice, the island is a modern centre that hosts conferences, seminars, corporate events and qualified national and international cultural activities.

Also this year the initiative alterned numerous opportunities to compare and debate future projects, ideas and visions regarding sustainable design. Around one hundred personalities from the décor and hospitality trades stayed on the island, where they partecipated in a full programme of meetings, talks and case histories.



Uno Contract renewed its cooperation with VID 2022, confirming its commitment as a technical sponsor of the event and joining the ‘San Servolo Enterprise Club’. The new format means that the island of San Servolo is assisted by a group of companies that provide resources and competence to the initiative.

The Grecale hall is furnished with a series of items from the Uno Essential collection, produced by the company and designed by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda.



Uno Contract and Pieces of Venice

To continue our cooperation with Pieces of Venice, winner of the 2020 Compasso d’Oro, for this edition Uno Contract has created an attractive design object inspired by Venetian well heads and made with wood from authentic bricole (the group of posts you see driven into the bed of the Venice Lagoon), reserved for the guests of VID on San Servolo.

Uno Contract supports Venice and its territory

“I truly believe in this initiative and what it represents, not just in the themes and ideas highlighted during the different encounters, but also and more importantly in the place where it is hosted.  Indeed, Uno Contract is closely linked to its territory and in particular the city of Venice, which has a deep-rooted tradition of craft furniture making.” – explains Uno Contract’s CEO, Mauro Tabaro.


Uno Contract reveals its ties to its native city by supporting it once again. The activities connected with the VID event are part of a project that includes the Venice Biennale and Venice Football Club.


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