UNO Contract PARTNER of the PADIGLIONE VENEZIA of the Venice Biennale 2020

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The Venetian Living Room set up by UNO Contract breathes life back into the Venice Pavilion.

We are proud to have been chosen by the Venice Biennale to represent the manufacturing excellence of our territory and support the “Extraordinary Openings”, that take place at the Giardini Biennale from August 29th to December 31st, 2020.



The Venice Pavilion, a guardian of the values and of the excellence of the city, in agreement with the Venice Biennale, has decided to open its doors for some Extraordinary Openings, that will hosts a rich program of meetings with renowned guests from the world of the cinema, theatre, art, music and journalism, in order to give voice and space to all those figures of the world of culture that have been disadvantaged in these difficult times.


Not only has the company sponsored the event, but it has also set up the elegant Venetian Living Room, that hosts the meetings,with the armchairs and poufs of the new UNO Essential Collection, realized in a special edition for the Venice Biennale. The Virna Armchairs and the Ciro Poufs are upholstered with the precious “Arti e Mestieri” fabrics, inspired to the architecture and shapes of the entrances of the traditional Venetian shops, which was designed specially for the event by Ciarmoli Queda Studio. Each item embodies the expertise of the company and its capability of customizing every product in order to create refined, unique ambiences, not only for the big projects of the contract sector, but also for different and niche projects, where the attention for the details is more than ever fundamental.

UNO Contract, that has always considered Venice a reference point and an inspiration for its work, and that has recently chosen Venice as background for its UNO Essential Collection, by setting up the Venetian living room wanted to support this city and one of its most representative events, the Biennale. A perfect union between art and industry, two worlds apparently so distant, that can actually communicate and collaborate to achieve excellent results.




Ennio Morricone’s music, performed by the Venice Chamber Orchestra, was the perfect soundtrack for the opening of the Venice Pavilion. A lot of guests attended the event, the Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro, the President of the Venice Biennale Roberto Cicutto, the President of the Venice Association of Architects Anna Buzzacchi and the renowned artist Fabrizio Plessi, just to name a few.

Diodato, the winner of the 2020 Sanremo Music Festival, and the famous film director Ferzan Ozpetek were the protagonists of the first meeting. Many others, such as the actor Alessio Boni, Gianpaolo Letta, Lorenzo Marini, Sidival Fila, Fabrizio Plessi, and the renowned architect Michele De Lucchi, have taken part into the meetings to give their personal point of view about the uncertain future of culture.