UNO Spa announces the industrial and commercial partnership with 3B Spa

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UNO Spa announces the establishment of an industrial and commercial partnership with 3B Spa, a company from Salgareda (TV) known for its history, solidity, and reputation in the wood-furniture sector.

The partnership stems from a common desire to grow and leverage each other’s skills and resources to open new paths in the market: UNO, an internationally recognized brand in contract furniture for the hospitality sector, founded in 1985, with its headquarters in Pramaggiore (VE) covering 60,000 sqm, and 3B Spa, a reference company in the field of panels, cabinet doors, and components, boasting a turnover of 300 million euros and a long tradition of excellence and reliability.

This collaboration marks a significant moment for both companies, which join forces in a strategic move aimed at further consolidating their market presence, exploring new growth opportunities, and developing innovative solutions for the international contract market.

A fundamental pillar of this partnership is the joint commitment to innovation and excellence. 3B Spa also brings to UNO an advanced Research and Development Center, the heart of innovation and experimentation.

Within 3B Spa, a dedicated workgroup researches the latest market trends and the evolution of products that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future ones. This team is supported by a network of external professionals, including designers, architectural and interior design students, to create a fertile ground for cultural and professional exchange that fuels continuous innovation.

This synergy between production/financial solidity and innovation paves the way for increasingly efficient and personalized solutions, capable of meeting the most complex needs on large-scale projects and further elevating the level of service offered to customers.

Thus, the partnership between UNO and 3B is established as a collaboration marked by excellence, where the passion for research and development translates into tangible benefits for customers and new growth opportunities on the international contract market.

The social composition foresees 3B Spa entering with a 49% share, and the Board of Directors confirms Mauro Tabaro as CEO.

“The synergies that will be created from this alliance promise to generate significant opportunities, thanks to the combination of financial solidity, impeccable reputation, and a deep understanding of the market,” says Sergio Tabaro, President of UNO Spa. “The partnership is also a strong signal of the dynamism and great availability that characterize the contract market, increasingly oriented towards development and innovation.”

“This partnership is an important step towards achieving ambitious goals and demonstrates the commitment of both companies to pursue growth and excellence in the Contract sector,” says Fabrizio Bergamo of 3B Spa. “3B and UNO look to the future with optimism, ready to seize together the many opportunities that this agreement will surely generate.”

PwC TLS Lawyers and Accountants and PwC Deals assisted 3B S.p.A., a leading company in the production and distribution of wooden components for furniture, in entering, with a minority stake, the capital of Uno S.p.A., a company specialized in the production of custom furniture (so-called contract) for hotels, residences, and cruise ships.

3B S.p.A. was assisted, for all legal aspects of the operation by PwC TLS with a team coordinated by partner Alvise Becker, while PwC Deals assisted 3B S.p.A. for the financial due diligence aspects with a team coordinated by partner Monia Giustozzi.

UNO spa was assisted by the law firm Avvocati Campeis led by lawyer Massimiliano Campeis and by the Epica Accountants firm coordinated by Dr. Diego Cavaliere.