Virna Armchair upholstered with Métaphores’ Ria Fabric on Interni Magazine

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On Interni Magazine, Virna Armchair of Uno Essential Collection by Uno Contract, upholstered with new Métaphores’ fabric, Ria, “Éléments Terre” collection 2021.


Set in the modernist Villa Cavrois, the new Métaphores textile collection, Éléments Terre, is inspired by the primitive movements of nature, also looking at Hermés Textile Division’s historical archive. The story of the Éléments Terre collection is narrated by the sophisticated photographies by Gaelle Le Boulicaut and a video filmed by Thomas Leroudier, Maxime Brochier and Valentin Lauféron, set at Villa Cavrois, in the french Northern district, a majestic modern architecture built in 1932 by Robert Mallet-Stevens for Paul Cavrois, a textile industrialist of Roubaix.



Virna Armchair of Uno Essential collection by UNO Contract, upholstered with Ria, Métaphores “Éléments Terre” collection 2021. The pattern of this embroidered velvet brings to mind numerous associations. Some may declare it is reminiscent of coral; for others, it will evoke poetic Japanese landscape paintings. It is named after a geographical feature—a river valley engulfed by the sea, which creates islands and meandering inlets. Its novelty lies in the fact that the viscose embroidery is not tone-on-tone, adding a liquid-like fluidity to its forms.


Design : Ciarmoli Queda Studio

Art Direction, Collection Director : Emilie Paralitici

Photography : Gaelle Le Boulicaut

Location : Villa Cavrois, Croix, Hauts de France, France

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Virna Armchair in Ria is available on request, click here for more info