Venezia in Serie A with the American Duncan Niederauer and UNO Contract design

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Venezia in Serie A with the American Duncan Niederauer and UNO Contract design

Sponsor of the newly promoted football team, the Venetian company creates dream hotels and ships, focusing on sport and on the beauty of Biennale Architettura


LINEA Uno Essential Valentina Sommariva


Splash. A dive that represents many things together. It was almost eleven o’clock on Thursday evening, the hour of the pandemic curfew, and the Venetian football team grabbed the tie at the 93rd minute with a team of 10 men.
The referee whistle marks the return to “Serie A” after 19 years.
To the cry of “There’s only one president” in the canal just in front of Penzo Stadium, the since last year NYC financier and team president Duncan L. Niederauer, after entering in the share capital in 2015, wearing the orange, black and green striped shirt, made the speedboat moving from there. He dives in the water, among his fans in delirium, then regaining the ladders in frog style. This is the triumph of a city that has set itself back in motion with “La Biennale Architettura”, that was inaugurated last week and now explodes with stadium choirs and fireworks. If Venice restarts, the world starts again.

Venezia FC celebrates the promotion in Serie A

Why is football mentioned in a design magazine? Because behind the football success, there is one official sponsor, UNO Contract, a company specialized in the realization of furniture for luxury hotels, residences and cruise ships, with plants of 60 thousand square meters in Pramaggiore, metropolitan city of Venice.
At the behest of Niederauer, only the word “Venezia” appears on the shirt, but all the stadium billboards speak clearly. And they also say, that UNO Contract, data at hand, is the only sponsor of the furniture sector with an international size and dimension in “serie A”. But to be honest, there’s also la Scaligera Arredamenti, a new company sponsoring Hellas Verona, with a local presence, while on the other hand, there’s the colossus Mapei, sponsor of Sassuolo, in the construction sector.

Linea Uno Essential Venezia, Valentina Sommariva

There’s a confirmation of how rare the commitment to football by companies in the design sector is, that also comes from a study that, taking into consideration the 60 sponsors supporting the 20 serie A clubs, highlights that only 3% of them, who knows why, belong to the construction sector, included the tyres sector (Pirelli, Inter FC).

UNO Contract is a case that strikes in positive for several reasons. In this difficult moment, especially for hospitality and cruise industry, the company has been able to sign some very interesting moves, giving itself a precise identity, coming out from the anonymity of the work on behalf of third parties, which assured the company for decades, the possibility to grow and acquire the know-how and many contacts.

After years of anonymity for the general public, it’s now coming out with his brand, strong of realization in the last 3 years of 2940 hotel rooms and the furnishing of 2150 apartments, with a 70% turnover coming from abroad and a workforce of 110 employees.

The company, founded in 1985 by Tabaro family, is at the 2nd generation and over the years has realized projects for the most important brands of hospitality, such as Oberoi, Hyatt, Marriott Kempinky, designed by international architecture and interior design studios of the caliber of Zaha Hadid, Piero Lissoni and many others.
One of the last achievements in terms of products is UNO Essential: a collection of upholstery covered by Metaphores fabrics, the French brand belonging to Hermes, designed by Ciarmoli Queda Studio, for the hôtellerie sector.

The company was chosen this year for the new project of the Venice Pavillon entitled “How will we live together?”. The route is divided into 3 different areas and sees the presence of the mirror “Il grande specchio del futuro”, a project designed by Uno Contract linked to the themes of knowledge, beauty and craftmanship.
The central area is dedicated to the “education stations”, designed by architect Michele De Lucchi, and his AMDL CIRCLE, spaces designed to educate through the quality of architecture.

Mauro Tabaro, Uno Contract CEO

UNO Essential was presented last September and it coincided with a unique novelty for the brand of the contract, namely the possibility of leaving the B2B field to sell all its pieces of furniture through, a sophisticated digital showcase of Made in Italy,  luxury hand made which, after the start-up phase, has seen the American investors of the caliber of Kristie Steiner and Alessandra Lundry, together with the holding company of Sharkbites Venture Capital.

Last march, UNO Contract took another significant step, launching its own e-commerce platform, where it sells to individuals, architects and designers. Then, last month, the decision to support Venezia FC.

All this is consistently part of the brand positioning strategy, associated with the most beautiful city in the world, “With the idea”, as CEO Mauro Tabaro explains, “of supporting Venice from a social and cultural point of view, in the logic of the economy of beauty, making it clear that supporting these initiatives, enhance the economy of the whole territory”.


Pierluigi Masini, professional journalist, graduated in Literature, address Art history, has two masters in Marketing and Communication. He teaches design history at Raffles in Milan, Sustainability in Design at Yac Academy in Bologna and Communication and Design at Laba in Brescia soon. He wrote a book about Gabriella Crespi.



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