Hotel Radisson Royal

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Hotel Radisson Royal

Moscow Russia

In 2012 the hotel was chosen by World Travel Awards as the World’s Leading Luxury Business Hotel.

On 12 December 2012 at a Gala Ceremony in Gurgaon, India, World Travel Awards summed up the results of the year’s activities in the travel industry. A group of expert representatives of leading tour operators from 200 countries confirmed that the hotel had maintained its status as one of the world’s best hotels, and was acknowledged as the best in this category. The hotel achieved this award for the second consecutive year, proving a consistently high position in the list of the world’s best hotels.

Awarded annually by travel industry experts, this is the hotel’s eighth World Travel Award.

The twin of six other buildings facing out nobly onto the Moskva River, the Radisson Royal thrills with its representation of an enormous cultural and historical background. A visit to its interior leaves one breathless: all the many rooms feature artisan craftsmanship, with decorations and hand-painted boiserie paneling in the best classical art tradition. Beautifully detailed curtains and drapes frame these prestigious areas.

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