Rabat Marriott Hotel

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Rabat Marriott Hotel

Designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel
Rabat Morocco

A five-star contemporary urban oasis

Situated in the heart of the capital, the Rabat Marriott is a five-star hotel that brings together tradition and modernity designed to take its clientele on a trip of discovery.
For this project, Uno Contract has worked with Interlux Group, its partner based in Casablanca, Morocco, to produce tailor-made decor for the 188 accommodations, 15 of which executive suites, plus a presidential suite.

The Uno Contract design team worked constantly with the architects and proprietors to develop tailor-made decor for all the rooms. The distinctive features of the rooms are light, delicate colours, champagne-coloured metal and panels in shades of grey distinguished by geometric lines carved into the wood, all harmonising with the bright yellow and orange of some of the upholstered elements.

Rooms & Suites188