St. Regis Hotel & Resort

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St. Regis Hotel & Resort

Designed by Kristina Zanic Consultants
Ummahat Al Shayk Island - Arabia Saudita

The Red Sea Project is a complex of 50 super luxury resorts with 8000 hotel rooms and 1300 residential properties occupying 22 Red Sea islands, plus six on-land sites between the cities of Umluj and Al Wajh, designed to give the impression of being on the beach and nestling in the dunes, almost like floating logs. 

The Red Sea Project will be built to mitigate CO2 emissions, reduce waste (plastic, for example, will be prohibited), at the same time reducing light and noise pollution.  All this will be achieved by the use of lightweight, ecological materials, the provision of clean energy from the world’s largest battery storage facility (which will also feed the biggest cooling infrastructure ever seen), and specific operations to safeguard flora, fauna and coral reef with the aim of maintaining the site’s biodiversity at a level equivalent to that of a marine protected area.

Uno Contract has been selected to provide bespoke, FSC-certified furniture and fittings for the St. Regis Hotel & Resort, to make the project eligible for LEED certification.

PlaceUmmahat Al Shayk Island Arabia Saudita
Rooms & suites90

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