Uno Essential

The first collection for the hospitality industry that can be customised online.

Uno Essential is born of the vision with which Uno Contract changes the rules of luxury hospitality, by bringing a new commercial offer to the Contract market: the first Italian design contract collection that can be customised and purchased online. The collection responds to the needs of professionals, architects and interior designers working on interiors projects for commercial premises like hotels, restaurants and bars.

Uno Essential is more than a new collection, it is a solution and starting point for an infinite number of customisation options, which professionals, designers and architects can take inspiration from for their projects. We offer our extensive experience and track record in the contract sector to make project work easier. Every item can be amended very easily, in accordance with the requirements and tastes of our customers. Dimensions, finishes and fabrics can be adapted on the basis of the type of location and use, while fully respecting the materials and technical characteristics the contract sector requires.

Mauro TabaroCEO of Uno Contract

The idea took shape from the fruitful encounter between Uno Contract, that was working on a high- end and extremely versatile contract collection, and Artemest, that was looking for a partner to create new services for its customers.

The successful combination of Uno Contract’s productive leadership and Artemest’s commercial aptitude, the artistic direction and design of Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda, the personality of fabrics by Métaphores — the French brand that belongs to Hermes’ textile division — brought to life a radically new project and commercial intuition for this sector.

A highly innovative concept.

A new key for accessing high-end Italian design.

A solution that can be fully managed online.

Uno Essential collection will be on sale on and on our Shop

The collection comprises 29 pieces that are available in a variety of different finishes and fabrics, with profiles inspired by natural forms and the strength of the elements. The essential lines of these pieces create a delicate minimalism: the chairs are seductive velvet stones, the chaises-longues combine simplicity and solidity, the mirrors with textile frames give a realistic three-dimensional sense of a carving or erosion.

Naturalness, minimalism and a careful balance also characterise the colour palette. Warm and cold hues intertwine unexpectedly but never randomly: strong shades that call to mind nature’s most intense countenance — the warmest earthy colours, brown, full yellows… — contrast with the pale nuances of linens that are reminiscent of stone or sand; but also, at the other end of the spectrum, dark velvets announcing the colour of the depths, somewhere between blue and brown.

An outstanding suite furnished entirely with items from the Uno Essential collection, a perfect combination of colours and materials, where each element has its place and nothing is left to chance. As you enter the room, the eye is drawn to the brightly coloured velvets that ooze finesse. The golden nuances of the metal finishes and marble blend with the lighter tones of the wood, carpeting and wallpaper. The result is a perfect artistic balance that surrounds guests with the ideal comfort for a dream experience.

Photography by:
Valentina Sommariva
Matteo Lavazza Seranto