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Operating Lease: a solution proposed by UNO Contract to renovate your Hotel

An alternative to purchasing, a variant of the leasing and bank loan.

An innovative and flexible commercial solution that eases furniture revamping (and not only), tested with You.Me Design Hotel in Trieste.

You.Me Design Place, Trieste – Ph. Juergen Eheim

You.Me Design Place Hotel, recenlty has opened with a completely new image. Simone Micheli architect’s unique design gave new life to the Hotel conferring a modern style and replacing dated and worn furniture. The Hotel relied to UNO Contract for the supply of most of the custom-made furniture of rooms and common areas. To satisfy the customer demands, UNO Contract suggested to the Hotel the supply through Operating Lease. The proposal was accepted with big interest and implemented with success, promoting the Hotel renewal.


What is Operating Lease?

Operating Lease is a system with which the company offers the temporary leasing of goods and services to the customer against payment of a periodic fee, allowing the reduction of total costs and planning the operations safely. Operating Lease is a joint decision shared by an increasing number of companies, as it represents the best solution for ensuring resources to always stay in step with times, by investing in innovative infrastructures, technologies and in high quality products.


What can be included in Operating Lease?

The following goods and services may be included in Operating Leasing:

  • Definition of Design;
  •  Planning;
  •  All the furnishings (furniture, upholstered, mattresses, lights, curtains, bed, runner…;
  •  Installation and turnkey supply;
  •  Photoshoots;
  •  New graphics and logo;
  •  New Website;
  • Marketing and Communication plan to tell customers about your structure and to be found by travellers.
Advantages of Operating Lease:
  • Costs planification and fixed fees;
  • Deferral of payments, scheduled deadlinen for the contract lenght (from 24 to 60 months);
  • Exclusion of furnitures from the Book of Assets;
  • Lightening of financial commitments;
  • Reduction of financial commitments and net liability position on the balance sheet, as the
    value of the freight transaction ( current operating) is not shown. the freight will not be counted
    as indebtedness in dealings with credit institutions;
  • No purchase obligation.
At the end of the operating lease, the customer can decide whether to:
  • Redeem the property;
  • Renew the contract;
  • Return the good or replace it with a new one. an important advantage for hotel facilities where the furnishings wear  out quickly and periodically must be replaced.
A new solution for Hotellerie

Keep up with the trends and be up to the expectations of the customer today is easier with the Operating Lease.
UNO Contract, leading company in the contract world, is able to offer this solution to its customers, a solution already tested and effective in the project you Hotel.


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