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Venezia FC Sponsor Day: a day of art and sport

An amazing event organized by Venezia FC for all its sponsors: a day in Venice for a guided tour at 59th International Art Exhibition and then at the Penzo Stadium.

A guided tour at Venice Biennale of Arts

Day begins at Bar Paradiso, at the entrance of Giardini della Biennale, for a welcome coffee with all the sponsors. After that,  the visit to the pavillons moves on with our guides. We visit Padiglione Italia and to follow, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Brazil ones, to finish with Padiglione Venezia.

Inside Padiglione Venezia we find with pleasure UNO Essential Collection furniture which Uno Contract created specifically for Biennale. “Arti e Mestieri” fabric, which characterizes them, is designed by  Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda and dedicated to the city of Venice.

 Venezia FC vs Bologna

Once the visit at Biennale is over, we move from Giardini to Pier Luigi Penzo stadium.  After a pleasant walk through the streets, we enter the stadium where we are welcomed inside Hospitality Lounge for the lunch break. Here we enjoy a little rest until the beginning of the games. Here, the match keeps us in suspense until the end.

After a good start to the game with 2 goals scored by Venezia FC, it follows the comeback of Bologna 3-2 but, after Mattia Aramu rigor and Dennis Johnsen goal, the match ends 4-3 with Venezia FC triumph, while the stadium bubbles up with joy.

Uno Contract is proud to be official sponsor of Venezia FC.

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